The Story of The Prodigal Son (Deliverance from Sin) - Homily

Text: Luke 15:12-32

I. What Sin Is

A. Sin is Selfish Desire (Luke 15:12)
- "My" "mine" - "I" elongated
- A desire for independence from the authority and rule of God
- A desire to enjoy life in one's own way

B. Sin is Going Far Away From God (Luke 15:13)
- You become separated from Him
- You are away from His protection, love, counsel, provision
- You are away from His discipline and control

C. Sin is Wastage and Wrong Use of God's Gifts (Luke 15:13)
- It is using God's gifts to displease Him /or in a way that displeases Him
- It is using God's gifts in a way that doesn't glorify Him
- It is using God's gifts in a way that would defame Him
- It is using God's gifts for impermanent goals/pleasures

II. What Sin Does

Famine Reveals Your Condition; Hope, Severity

A. Sin Sucks Out the Sap of Your Life (Like Madagascar Tree, Octopus)
- It robs you of your physical health
- It confuses your intellect and debases your reasoning ability
- It disturbs you emotionally: guilt, loneliness, frustration...
- It drains you spiritually - Godless life is a lifeless life

B. Sin Makes/Turns You Into A Destitute
A poor man has at least something; a destitute has nothing
"What shall a man profit if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?"
- A moral destitute
- A spiritual destitute
- An eternal destitute
- Truthlessness, Hopelessness, Affectionless, Powerlessness, Godlessness, Joylessness
- No Home, No Money, Torn Rags, No Food, No Friend

C. Sin Makes You Serve The Thing You Hate - "Uncleanness" - And Gives You Nothing In Return - Only Husks
- A labor that costs you everything but profits nothing
- You can get no sympathy from the swine you serve
- It will kill you - and you are already dead (Rom.6:21)
- Why such labor: Eccl. 2:1-11; 12:1-7; 11:9
-Evil ensnares: Prov.5:22; Gen.4:7; Jn.8:34; Ro.6:13-16; 2Pet. 2:19,24

III. What You Must Do

A. Realize - Come to Your Senses (Luke 15:17) 
- That you still have everything in your Father
- That you do not need to remain here

B. Resolve (Luke 15:18)
- To get out of all this
- To go back to your Father

C. Repent (Luke 15:19)
- Repentance is an action - action of turning your back to sin and your face to God
- Repentance out of a broken heart must express itself in confession of what you are
- Repentance means you do not demand but commit yourself to God's mercy and grace - you are not worthy (Luke 15:21)

IV. What God Does For You

A. He Accepts You As You Are (Luke 15:20)
B. He Restores You and Makes You a King (Luke 15:22)
C. He Celebrates And Is Merry At Your Coming (Luke 15:23-24)


- You do not need to keep wandering as a destitute because your Father is waiting for you.
- Come home, O sinner come home! His arms and His house are open for you.
Ill: A boy left his home --After may years wanted to come back-- "I'll come by train. If you want me back, tie a red cloth to a tree..." When he passed thru, he saw red cloths in every tree.."Come back!"

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