The Christian and His Intellect

Heb. 5: 11-14: The Christian and His Intellect

Itarsi, 27 November 2005
Domenic Marbaniang 

Man is constituted of three
Body      - Instinct, Sensation, and Reflexes (World-consciousness)
Soul        - Intellect, Emotion, and Volition (Self-consciousness)
Spirit      - Intuition, Conscience, and Communion (God-consciousness)
Faculty of Knowledge: Body (Senses), Soul (Intellect), Spirit (Intuition)
The Intellect receives data from the senses and intuition. It then orders them and places them in the memory of knowledge, as well as informs the various elements regarding necessary action. Elements: emotion, will, reflexes, communion.
Two kinds of Intelligences:
Rational Intelligence: Logical and Analytical ability, right reasoning, thinking.
Emotional Intelligence: Self-control, zeal, persistence, and the ability to motivate oneself in accordance to Truth and the Good.
Both kinds of intelligence are important and are developed through experience by study and practice. Emotional intelligence must depend on rational intelligence for consistency and propriety.
1. The Intellect and Salvation
Spiritual – Reconciliation (communion), Regeneration and purification of conscience (Hb. 9: 14)
Intellectual – Renewal of mind through study and practice. Progressive
Physical – Transformation of body. Future
All the three relate to the image of Christ.
  1. The Spiritual and the Intellectual of the Inner man: 2 Cor. 4:16; 2Cor 4:4; 3:18; Col. 3:10
  2. The Physical- 1Cor. 15:49; 1 Jn.3:2; Phil. 3:21

2. The Intellect and Knowledge. Eph. 1:18
a. Knowledge of Spiritual Truths. 1 Cor. 2:10, 12-14
Comes by study of Word – 2 Tim. 3: 16-17, Jn. 5:39 (Search- Investigate)
Hermeneutical Problems: 2 Pt. 3: 15,16 (Linguistic: Russel & Branham; Historical: Mohammed)
b. Knowledge of Spiritual Events. Lk. 24:25,26; 2Cor.2:11; Mt.7:16; 2 Tim. 3:1
(Pastor’s handling of spiritual errors in gifts among youths), Prophetic events; Good,evil
c. Knowledge of Spiritual Conditions
            of Self – 1 Cor. 10.12, 2Cor 13.5
            of Others – Col. 4.8, Acts 13.9,10 (Demon-possessed tactics)
d. Knowledge of Spiritual Work
            words – Col 4.6
            work – Acts 13.2, 1 Chr. 12: 32
Any work must be second to God’s work – Bring your firstfruits
Jer. 3:15, 1 Tim. 5: 17,18

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