Why this Wastage?

1. When Social Service Supercedes Divine Worship

  • Worship – Adoration, Prostration, Self-giving.
  • Queen of England – “I’ll lay my crown at Christ’s feet if He comes here.”
  • Ministry to the Lord is important (Acts 13.1)
  • Service to poor should flow out of an attitude of worship of God, not out of superiority complex or religious rituality.

2. When Familiarity breeds Disrespect

  • Remember Who HE is and Who YOU are (1 Cor. 4. 7; Phil. 3. 10)
  • Rev. 2. 4 – left first love.
  • Every great gift given to someone we love, adore, and regard highly is still too small.
  • When Lust destroys Love – Jn. 12. 4
  • Lust dehumanizes, lust excels in flesh and wars against the spirit (Gal. 5. 17; 1 Pt. 2. 11).
  • Gradual overpowering of lust (Heb. 3. 12-13; 12. 15-17)

3. When Envy derides Exaltation

  • They would not have objected if she had spent it on herself or on them all.
  • Why spend on Christ?
  • Satanic Pride (Isa. 14)
  • 24 Elders prostrate before Throne of God.
  • He is worthy of all praise.

She has done a beautiful thing.
1. Kalos – Aesthetically good. Modesty, Order, Beauty.
2. Kalos – Ethically good. Motive, Act, End.
3. Poured – Total Surrender, giving.
4. Burial – Divine Interpretation. Because in accordance to prompting of Spirit.

Do you stand strong in the first love?
Are your actions modest and beautiful?
What identity do you possess before God?
She hath wrought a good work upon Me?
What can He say about you?

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