Dangers of Pitfall

Dangers of Pitfall

I Cor. 10:12; 2 Chr. 15:2; Ps. 62:1 (NIV)

Domenic Marbaniang
7 Feb 2006
1.      The Context of 1 Cor. 10: - Body needed to be kept in subjection (9:27)
2.      The Israelites were saved but soon fell from the faith in Christ. (10:7-10).
3.      To be pleasing to God is of utmost importance. (v5)
4.      Check your confidence (v12); Trust in God (v13)

I. The Fall of Asa
1.      The Counsel of God (1 Chr. 15:2-7) 
2.      Asa as Seeking God (15:12); Asa as Away from God (16:12)

A.        The Attitudinal Shift: A Change of Mentality.
His earlier world-view in 14:11 – God and us versus the enemy
Now: I and my people versus the enemy – God's involvement was ruled out.
The Problem: Adversity. How do we face adversity? The Stony Ground. Not well rooted in Christ
Two dangers: (1) Shallowness of Fellowship (2) Over-familiarity to the point of indifference: The Nazarenes & The Disciples.

B.        The Sanctimony Rift: A Crack in Sanctity
C.        The Aggression Lift: A Climb of Malignity

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