Pleasing God

Pleasing God (1 Thess.4:1)

Everyone is trying to please someone or the other. Christians are called above all to please God.

1. Please God as a Servant pleases his Master (Gal.1:10; Matt.6:24)
2. Please God as a Son pleases his Father (Matt.3:17; Heb.3:6; Mal.1:6,8)
3. Please God as a Friend pleases his Friend (James 2:23; 4:4; Prov.16:7; Ps.41:11)
4. Please God as a Wife pleases her husband or vice versa (1Cor.7:32-34)

1. Please God by a Pure and Holy Offering (Mal.1:18; Gen.8:21; Rom.12:1)
2. Please God by Walking in the Spirit (Rom.8:8,14)
3. Please God by Obeying the Commands of Jesus (1Thess.4:1,2)
4. Please God by Focusing on the Calling and Not being Distracted by the Affairs of the World (2Tim.2:4)