Saving Wisdom

Joseph applied the principle of proper saving when he advised the Pharaoh to save before they spent. Saving for the bad times is not a bad idea.
One must save or reserve something for the future from the surplus one has today.

The Foolish Virgins were foolish because they didn't take extra oil with them. But, the Wise were really wise because they not only took the extra oil, but they also did not surrender their wisdom to the folly of the foolish. When the foolish asked for help, they refused. Refusing somebody is not callous when the request itself is foolish.
Compassion is not irrational. Compassion doesn't encourage irresponsibility. Compassion calculates value.

Jesus said that before a man constructs anything, he must first calculate the cost.
Calculating and Planning are not unspiritual. The Spiritual don't just jump into the water by blind faith; the spiritual calculate the cost and know what they are doing and risking.