The term "cessationism" comes with different shades of meaning. For instance, Classical Cessationism denies the continuation of the prophetic and revelatory gifts while Full Cessationism denies every charismatic gift. However, all these imply one thing in common "cessation" of something. In that case, both Pentecostals and Charismatics who believe in the Final Authority of the Canon and the cessation of Special Canonical Revelation after the Apostles or the completion of the New Testament would be cessationists in that sense of the term; though they would fully disagree that the gifts of the Holy Spirit had ceased since then. Obviously, those who contend that canonical revelation is not closed but continuing are erring; for, all present prophesying even in modern times is called to be evaluated on the basis of the Written Word. The Scripture is Final Authority indeed. Also, teachers on the revelatory gifts would agree that these ministerial revelations are partial and not complete and one's comprehension of these is not always perfect. But, the Scripture is perfect, infallible, authentic, and complete.