NT Teachers

1. Teachers are those who themselves have been taught (Tit.1:9)
2. They hold fast to the faithful word they have been taught (either by word or epistle (Tit.1:9; 2Thess.2:15) observing the pattern of sound words (2Tim.1:13))
3. They are rooted and built up, abounding in the Word (Col.2:7; Jude 1:20; Matt.7:24)
4. Teachers are skillful in the word of righteousness (Heb.5:13)
5. Teachers are mature (Heb.5:14)
6. Teachers have trained senses to discern both good and evil (Heb.5:14)
7. Teachers have their spiritual eyes opened (Luke 6:39; Eph.1:18)
8. Teachers are perfectly trained (katartizo) (Lk.6:40; Eph.4:12)
9. Teachers will receive stricter judgment (Jas 3:1)
10. There are elders who rule and elders who especially labor in the word and doctrine. Teachers, especially, are to be counted worthy of double honor (1Tim.5:17; Gal.6:6)
11. Teachers rightly divide the word of truth (2Tim.2:15)
12. Spiritual Teachers bridle their tongue (James 3:1-18; Eccl 12:11)
13. Spiritual Teachers don’t engage in foolish disputations of words (2Tim.2:23)
14. Spiritual Teachers are patient in teaching (2 Tim.2:24)
15. Spiritual Teachers are meek like their Master (2 Tim.2:25, Matt.11:29)
16. Spiritual Teachers don’t load students with burdens they themselves cannot carry (Matt.11:30; 23:2-4). True wisdom brings rest.