Intelligence and Short-term Memory Wiring Errors: Epistemic Considerations

Let’s suppose:
1. Oscar wants to go to the airport (x) to meet John, for which he needs to take a bus A11 (a)
2. On way to the bus stop, he changes his mind and informs John that he would meet him at Plus centre (y), and intends now to take bus C98 to go there (b)
3. He gets busy talking chatting with someone else.
4. When he reaches the stop, he sees bus A11 (a) and immediately gets into it with the intention of reaching Plus centre (y) asap.
5. Only after a while does he realize that he has got into the wrong bus.

Observation: While his brain got busy in chatting, items (x) and (b) got dropped from short-term memory. On seeing the bus A11 (a), his brain immediately connected a with y. In fact, it seems the internal meaning of b was taken over by a for a moment.

This is a problem.

At that moment of memory error, belief towards action was tampered by a memory fault.

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