Practical-Logical Anomaly in the Pro-Choice Argument

 Pro-Life Protestors (wiki)

The Pro-Choice argument usually goes something like this:

(a) The fetus at or before a certain point is not a human invested with human rights (is subhuman)

(b) Therefore, abortion at or before that point is not an ethical question

(c) At that point, the mother has the priority of right to decide whether to keep or abort the pregnancy

Problematic Case: In India, abortion is illegal, so is determination of sex by ultrasound, especially due to the high risk of female feticide.

Moral Logic: Abortion on the basis of sex determination is evil. (which can be determined as early as 7 weeks)

Anomaly: How can it be evil if the fetus is subhuman? OR How can a human/female rights issue apply to the fetus? 

Possible response: Abortion based on sex determination violates not the ethics of life, but the ethics of sexual equality.

Counter: How can equality be possible without life in the first place?

Conclusion: The Pro-Choice argument suffers from practical-logical inconsistency