Biblical Qualifications of Choir (Band) Members

1. They should have the calling and anointing for worship (Acts 6:3; 1Chronicles 25). Unless they have the calling, they cannot have dedication for service.
2. They should be obedient to the Choir leader (IChronicles 25:6)
3. They must be submissive to the Church authority (IChr.25:6)
4. They must be skillful in singing or in playing different instruments (25:7)
5. They must be instructed in the songs of the Lord (not attracted by worldly music) (25:7).
6. They must be dedicated to the service of the House of the Lord (25:6). When it comes to Church ministry, availability is important and signifies dedication (1Chr.9:33).
7. They should be full of joy and enthusiasm (1Chr.15:16).
8. They should have discipline in dress, posture, and order (2Chr.5:12)
9. They can be both male and female together (Ezra 2:65)
10. They must be filled with the Spirit of God (Eph. 5:18,19).
11. They should sing with grace in heart (Col.3:16).


  1. I'm very grateful unto God to get into your site, because I am truly fed with the undiluted word of God. Keep on, may the Lord continue strenghten you. AMEN.

  2. Thank u for this rules in praise and worship I copied to teach to my choir without your permit sorry.Tsamuel

  3. It is very fine to copy. It is God's Word, so you don't need my permission, esp when you use it fruitfully for the Lord's glory alone.


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