Purity: 5 Effects, 3 Aspects (Matt 5:8)

Matt.5:8 - Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.
Psa 24:3-5 - Who will ascend... He who has Clean Hands and Pure Heart
Psa 51:10 - Create in me a pure heart.. v.11. Cast me not away from Presence..

5 Effects of Purity:
1. Pure Humility. Prov.22:11 - pure heart.. speech gracious.. will have the king for his friend. Purity of heart and Humility go together.
2. Pure Eyes. Tit.1:15 - to the pure all things are pure.....
3. Pure Love. 1Tim.1:5 - Pure love can only come from pure heart, good conscience and sincere faith. (1Pet.1:22)
4. Pure Pursuit. Seeking. Calling. 2 Tim.2:22 - Flee evil desires... pure heart
5. Drawing Near. Communion with God. Heb.10:22 - Draw near to God with a sincere heart.. cleansed ...washed.. HOLINESS
6. Single Mindedness... James 4:8 (not love of the world, but love of God)

1. Purity by the Blood of Jesus. Forgiveness of Sins (Heb.13:12; Heb.9:14,22-28; Walk in Light, Confess...1Jn.1:7)... Heb.10:2 - no consciousness of past sins.. COVERED, CLEANSED. Tit.2;14 - Purity=> GOOD WORKS.
2. Purity by the Word of God (Psa.119:140. Cleanses Our Walk. Word is pure; Prov.30:5,6; John15:3; 1Pet.2:2..growth by pure word; 1Pet.1:22 - through OBEDIENCE)
3. Purity by the Spirit of God. Sanctifies through His Presence.  (2The.2:13;1Pet.1:2; Service by Spirit Rom.15:16) Spirit Speaks the Word and Applies the Blood (Heb.3:7,8; 10:29)


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