Softening Hardened Hearts

Hardening brings calamity (Pro 28:14; Pro 29:1)
Hardening is rebellion (Heb.3:7,8)

Causes of Hardening
1. Loftiness, Pride (Dan 5:20)
2. Licentiousness; or taking God's grace and mercy for granted (Ex 8:15; Rom.2:1-4)
3. Lawlessness (Mat 24:12)
4. Lusts (2Pet 2:18)
5. Lies (1Tim.4:1-3), Demonic deception.
6. Last days (2Tim.3, 2Pet 3:3, Jude 18)
7. Lord hardens those who love lies (2Thess 2:11,12; Exo 4:21)

Heb 3:7,8  Harden not your hearts

What kind of heart needed:
1. A heart broken over sins in repentance (Psa 51:17). Depth of sorrow over sin reflects depth of repentance (Matt.26:75).
2. A heart broken for people, in intercession (Ezra 10:1; Jer 9:1; Lk.19:41)

God will turn our mourning into dancing (Psa 30:11)


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