Who'll Break the Ice? or Water the Moon

Let's break ice and water the moon
While windstorms hurl our lands into oceans,
While sandstorms react with angry heat,
Let's cover land and capture the skies,
Let's rocket through our farthest horizon,
Take a giant leap through a crater deep;
Perhaps, one step away, a new world lies;
And in this shifting luminary a future thrives.
So, let's break ice and water the skies.

But who'll break ice for a lonesome child
For a helpless youth, for an anxious mother?
Who'll bring light to the darkened world,
Having eyes and lives enlightened?
Aren't you, O man, called to be the neighbor,
To bring hope to the world around?
For, we may conquer the skies, yet be destitutes inside;
We may travel as light; yet be haltered by the night;
For, what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world,
But loses his own soul?

(c) Domenic Marbaniang, Nov, 2009

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