Fount of Blessings - James 3

7 Dec 2007
Domenic Marbaniang

Jas 3:11  Does the fountain out of the same hole send forth the sweet and the bitter?

Talking about the tongue. As a fountain sends forth water, so does the tongue send forth words. V. 10 it is not fitting for the tongue to assume a double nature.

We all know what kind of words we should speak and so I’ll not focus chiefly on that: sweet, seasoned, edifying, and God pleasing talk.

Let’s focus on the problem of double-tonguedness. Deacons are commanded not to be double-tongued (1 Tim. 3:8).  God hates double-tonguedness, i.e., saying one thing to one person and the other thing to another. There is neither integrity nor constancy in such speech.

This dual-nature is manifest in both words and actions of a double-minded man.

1.     An inner dichotomy. Lack of Harmony. No correlation between BELIEF AND PRACTICE.
2.     A hidden restlessness. Uncertainty. Stony ground. Not at home with one’s own convictions. G. B. Shaw’s Andronicles & the Lion, Ferrovius. U aren’t sure of what’s gonna happen the next moment. Now u feel the holiest thoughts, the next second gripped with the ugliest ideas.
3.     A harbored bitterness. The remnants of sin. Thorny ground. Seeds of unforgiveness, remnants of lust, unbelief, and undealt sin.
4.     A Hypocritical pleasantness. A forced righteousness

1.     Your actions must conform to your knowledge of truth.
2.     Your words must possess integrity. Martyrs.
3.     Your heart must forgive and forget the past wrongs. 1 Cor. 13- Love keeps no record of evil.
4.     Serve God in spirit and truth.


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