An Eternally Caring God (Deut.33:27)

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. (Deuteronomy 33:27, NIV)

THE ETERNALITY of God demonstrates His unfailing power of self-existence and self-sustenance. He is both invincible and indestructible. Therefore, He is our best refuge. Earthly shelters and shields have their bounds against bruises but God is a sure refuge of all those who trust in Him. The promise of the Scripture not only tells us that God is our refuge but also that this security is undergirded by His everlasting arms, which speak of at least three things:

1.  Care. His everlasting arms underneath us speak about His love and care towards us. As a mother holds her child in her arms, so does He hold us in His everlasting arms.  Someone said that the four letter word LOVE can also be spelt as CARE. For if we don’t care for someone then we don’t even love that person. But God demonstrated His care and love towards us so much as to send His beloved Son to die for us.

2. Comfort. “When the cares of my heart are many,” said David “Thy consolations cheer my soul” (Psalm 94: 19, RSV). The Bible doesn’t ask us to deny the anxieties and cares of our heart; instead, it exhorts us to roll our burdens on Jesus because He cares for us.  It is when we rest assuredly in His arms of comfort that we find rests for our souls. The God of all comfort holds us with His everlasting arms; and this awareness itself brings great peace to the heart of the believer.

3. Covering. His strong arms are our shield. No bullet can penetrate it; neither can any destruction prevail against it. Man-made bullet proofs and bomb-shields may fail but faith secures us everlastingly in the bosom of God. It is only when man becomes haughty and strolls away from the domain of God that he becomes victim to the darts of the enemy. But He is a safe haven to those who trust and live by His name. Man’s search for true love, peace, and security can only find fulfillment in God. Evidently, that has to be that way since our life and existence has its source in Him. One can peacefully nestle in the arms of God despite of all that is occurring outside. We can rest confidently in Him for He holds us with His everlasting arms.

Prayer: Lord, I commit myself into your strong and loving arms. I acknowledge you in all my ways. May your guidance be my protection, my comfort, and my peace. Thank you for reaching out to me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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