Pastor Karamchand Hans, Miracles at Sanjaynagar (Convention, October 1992)

From Marbaniang, Domenic. The Story of Prarthana Bhavan of Sanjay Koyala Nagar, 2005, pp.7-9.

THE FIRST Christian Convention of any kind in Sanjay Koyala Nagar was organized during October 8 – 10, 1992. Pastor Karamchand Hans arrived with his son Pastor Rajinder Hans and a disciple on October 7th. They were lodged at the Guest House of Sanjay Koyala Nagar.

Pamphlets advertising the healing services had already been circulated. On the evening of October 8th, a huge crowd gathered at the Durga Ground, the site of the Convention. People were anxiously waiting to have a darshan of the Baba (that’s how holy saints or miracle workers are referred to by non-Christians in this area). After a few songs, Pastor Karamchand Hans was introduced and he came to the dais with his tambourine in hand. He was to sing a song before he preached. Suddenly, the clouds grew darker and began to drizzle down. The people, who were seated under open heavens, began to flee seeking shelter as there was no pavilion spread over on the ground. As the uproar rose higher, Pastor Karamchand Hans called out to the people not to leave the ground. Many stood still. Pastor Karamchand looked to the sky and commanded the rain to stop. Immediately, the clouds stopped pouring down rain and began to depart swiftly. The crowd was wonderstruck. That first night was history for Sanjay Koyala Nagar. It is unforgettable. Pastor Karamchand presented a few songs, and then proceeded to give the word of God. After the preaching, he prayed for healing. Many experienced the healing power of God. Since that memorable evening, people began to flock over anywhere during that time they knew where Pastor Karamchand was. He could not get the necessary rest for his body, yet he untiringly ministered to the people in need out of the love of God.

The next morning, meeting was conducted on the stage itself. A Hindu sadhu present there began to speak abusively aloud. But Pastor Karamchand paid no attention to him. At last, the sadhu left by himself. Many were blessed spiritually through these meetings. The morning studies and the evening crusades went on till October 10th and when Pastor Karamchand Hans saw the thirst and thrust of the public, he extended the meetings for one more day.

Many miracles took place during those meetings. Many blind, deaf, dumb, crippled, demon possessed, and people distressed by various sicknesses were healed. One, the daughter of Mr. S..., was instantly healed of her dumbness and began to speak clearly as soon as Pastor Karamchand prayed for her. Mr. S...  happened to know about the meetings through a pamphlet he found outside the Club. After this miracle in his daughter’s life, he became convinced of Jesus’ power. He himself was healed of sore and cracked feet...

Pastor Karamchand left an indelible mark in the lives of the believers of Sanjay Koyala Nagar. It was he who suggested the construction of the Prarthana Bhavan during his first visit. He, by the Spirit, showed the site where the Bhavan was to be constructed, that is beside the house of Mr. David S. Paul. He also influenced many Christians and non-Christians to attend the meetings every Sunday evening at Mr. David Paul’s house. In that way, he played the most vital role in the founding of the Prarthana Bhavan in Sanjay Koyala Nagar.

After the Convention in Sanjay Koyala Nagar, Pastor Karamchand and his team moved on to Chachai, then Anuppur, and then to Jamuna Colliery to speak at the Conventions there. The Christians of Sanjay Koyala Nagar followed him to all of these places. It was during this time that Mr. R. Venkata Rao was touched by the power of the Holy Spirit, baptized in Him, spoke in different tongues and received power from above. This happened during one of the many times of prayer that he spent with Pastor Karamchand during these meetings.

After these meetings, the believers of Sanjay Koyala Nagar who had been attending all through, returned to Sanjay Koyala Nagar and continued in the word, prayer, worship, and fellowship. Mr. R. V. Rao, however, followed Pastor Karamchand to Raipur as well where they had mighty healing meetings. It was in Raipur that Mr. Rao first cast out a demon in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. He did not return to Andhra with the intention to attend the Chris Panos Gospel Healing Crusade in November 1992. This stay prolonged since it was made known that Pastor Karamchand was going to speak at the Convention in Hirakud, Orissa. Mr. R. V. Rao Paulus (Pastor Karamchand gave the name Paulus to him at Raipur) attended these meetings with his wife. Pastor Karamchand was unable to come for these meetings but sent Pastor Om Prakash (General Secretary of Spiritual Christian Church Fellowship of India) and Pastor Surinder Masih in his place. There was also a singer with them. This singer had not yet taken baptism. But when Mr. Paulus preached, he immediately expressed his decision to be baptized and was baptized. On seeing this, Pastor Om Prakash and Pastor Surinder Masih, moved by the Spirit ordained (or recognized the ordination of God upon) Mr. Paulus on November 20, 1992.

© Domenic Marbaniang, 2005

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