3 Facts About Temptation


1. Temptation is MOMENTARY.
It won't last forever.
The devil tries to make it look as the final reality. But, it is not. It is just a test, and it'll be over; but, the question is whether you'll pass it.
2. Temptation is a Test of LOVE; and LOVE is an action.
Love fulfills all the commandments. The two greatest are LOVE GOD with all your being and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR as yourself.
But, love is not a feeling or emotion; it is an action. We need to LOVE Him more in the moment of temptation; it can only be possible when we focus on Him.
3. Temptation will make you STRONGER and PURER.
It may stretch your muscle; but, not beyond your capacity; and then the HELPER, our TRAINER is there with us and knows what will make us stronger...

Despite all this, let us never forget to pray:
"Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one!"