14 Qualities of True Friendship According to Jesus (John 15: 9-17)

  1. Friendship is God-ordained. It proceeds from God the Father - "as the Father loved me, I also loved you" (9)
  2. Friendship is Christ-patterned. He is the one true example of a True Friend - "as I have loved you..." (9)
  3. Friendship is a Sacred Tie/Bond - "keep my commandments" (10)
  4. Friendship is a Choice to Love despite everything - "abide in My love... love one another as I have loved you." (9,12)
  5. Friendship is a Cup brimming with Divine Joy.. "that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full." (11)
  6. Friendship is Self-less and Sacrificial - "to lay down one's life for his friends" (13).
  7. Friendship is Transparent and not diplomatic or formal - "No longer do I call you servants,... but,... friends..." (15)
  8. Friendship is Sharing - "all things I have made known to you" (15)
  9. Friendship is Proactive. "I chose you" (16) (cf. Prov. 18:24)
  10. Friendship is Benevolent and Good Intentional. It wants friends to grow and prosper. "that you should go and bear fruit" (16).
  11. Friendship is Fruitful. It brings friendly consequences and contributes to the friendship constructively - "that you should go and bear fruit" (16)
  12. Friendship is Lasting. "that your fruit should remain" (16)
  13. Friendship is Mutually Responsive. "You do whatever I command... Whatever you ask... He may give you." (14,16)
  14. Friendship is Mutually Caring.  "that you love one another" (17)