The Gospel Must Rapidly and Honorably Spread

"...pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you." (2The 3:1)

The Gospel must spread rapidly and be honoured! We are in the 21st century now where anything can spread across the globe at lightning speed. Consumer brands like coca cola have reached to the ends of the world. They can't save the world; only the Gospel can. It's no use just sitting with the same 99 righteous sheep at home while the world is perishing in sins. It is evil to be immersed in our petty little domestic dreams and neglect the large vision of God. It is evil to not give any thought to give to the world the only antidote available for its cure. God's true message of salvation and healing must spread; it must ignite, spark up, turn into flames and consume the entire world; burn all sin, save the people and transform their lives.

From Notes on Evangelism (Dec 2008)

Procedures Needed
Infiltration - Measure: The Gospel must penetrate deeply to the most unreached places of the world.
Inundation - Volume: The Gospel must flood the nations. The volume must be increased and must be accessible.
Incarnation - View: The Gospel must be understandable and must make an appeal in cogent terms.
Indoctrination - Word: The Gospel must provide a strong foundation for spiritual growth.
Insulation – Defence: The Gospel must guard against heretical influxes.

Symbols of Truth
Confidence – Power: If we aren't confident about the message we lose power.
Confession - Expression: If we don't speak out the truth, the world doesn't know it.
Consistence - Integrity: If our statements are inconsistent and too plural, our message loses credibility. Also, the life of the messenger must exemplify the message of the Gospel. Actions speak louder than words.
Concern – Significance: A message that lacks concern for the immediate situation is insignificant (The wounded man must be nursed first).

Marks of Good Communication
Focussed – to the point, reasonable, cogent
Fervent – passionate, intense, energetic, confident
Followable – simple, clear, explanative, understandable