Personal and Mass Evangelism


"Cast in a hook, and take the fish.." (Mat.17:27)
"Cast the net.. and you will find some." (Joh 21:6)

Personal evangelism is like fishing with a hook. Mass evangelism is like fishing with a net. But, it's more important to drag the net to the shore and bring the fish home.

Both require focus, accuracy (guidance), and patience. Both involve the idea of catching and being catchy. Evangelism fishes souls out of the sea of sin and damnation and draws them out into salvation. The fish hook/net is the message of the Gospel that saves them.

Both are inefficient without the command and guidance of Christ the Master Fisherman. He knows where and when and how to do it.

The bait is something they want and look for. The consequence is their redemption.

Satan also uses snares, nets, and hooks to hunt after souls. The saved are instructed to be vigilant and prayefully watch so that they do not get ensnared by the devil.