Mourning and Repentance - Matthew 5:4

Matt.5:4 - "Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted."
Repentance involves mourning and death. One mourns because he is dead to God because of his sins. And, the depth of mourning and sorrow over the sins determines the depth of repentance. Many people are still not delivered from sin, because they have not mourned enough, they have not mourned genuinely. Deep inside they still somehow cherish that besetting sin from which they have not turned away. They may say, "I hate that sin"; however, when the occasion comes they realize that their flesh is not yet crucified with Christ, and they are still dead in their sins. However, when there is intense and sufficient mourning, then there comes comfort; for the Spirit of Grace shines and like a thunderbolt puts the deeds of the flesh to death, and by that same one act also quickens us to life by virtue of the resurrection of Jesus. Then, we truly become dead to sin and alive to God; then, do we have true comfort of no longer being dead to God but having been reconciled to God in holiness and peace.


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