"I am nothing" (2Cor.12:11)

Nothingness is the threshold of a new beginning. Spiritual nothingness is a recognition of the everythingness of Christ and the nothingness of self: in Christ, everything; through Christ, everything; for Christ everything. The chorus of heaven is "God is everything". The dirge of hell is "I am everything". The Throne of God is surrounded by "How Great Thou Art!" The vaults of hell resound with "How Great I Am!" The devil begs and lures for recognition. God commands submission. The meek inherit the earth. The poor in spirit inherit the Kingdom of God. God resists the proud, but exalts the humble. The humble are not those who try to look humble. The humble are those who recognize that they are nothing, but Christ is everything, and they are complete in Christ; and if so, there is left no more room for boasting of any kind whatsoever, no confidence in flesh, no praise of men, no provision for the flesh and its lusts. Nothingness is the door to everythingness, so that the child of God can say, "I am full, I lack nothing".