Happy Independence Day India! 2017


Today, we celebrate once again the fact of India becoming a sovereign nation, free from the rule of the British Monarchy. Colorful decors, hoisted flags, patriotic songs, happy children will flood schools, streets, and stadiums.

We celebrate our political freedom today. But, we are not blind to the sight of oppressed and marginalized fellow citizens. We are not deaf to the cries of orphans and widows. The nation still bleeds and groans in agony from bruises of internal hurts. The external chains have fallen. But, there are wars within.

Social evils, terrorism, naxalism, false gurus, evil rackets, kidnappings, rapes, murders, employee injustice, abuse, drunkenness, thefts, crowd fury, human trafficking, educational corruption, bureaucratic corruption, bribery, cheating, faking, lying, infidelity, forgery, drug abuse, unnatural acts fill the content of daily newspapers. They paint a sad, dismal picture of the nation.

But, there are several groups and organizations that are fighting against these evils. Some of them have achieved tremendous success. They have helped women, children, and men find justice and dignity in the world. On this Independence Day, we laud their combined efforts.

There have also been millions of alert and responsible citizens who have been  alert and have helped rescue children, women, men from dangers, from trafficking, from exploitation. Some of them may not have done very big heroic deeds. They only have been cautious to keep our environment clean, to not litter, to not cause pollution. These simple deeds have contributed to the infinity of drops that have made the ocean of goodness in our nation resplendent as the morning sun. We appreciate and honor them on this day!

We laud every gesture of kindness, every eye of mercy, every helping hand, every act of goodness, every labor to excel in that which is noble and philanthropic. We laud every voice of gentleness, every demeanor of politeness, feet that have gone the extra mile to do others good.

We praise those who have borne pain with strength and refused to return evil for evil, who have chosen to put an end to evil by bearing its scourges on their backs. They are the true heroes of our nation.

We celebrate the Independence of the truly independent Indian!

Happy Independence Day!