Some Maxims of Wisdom

  1. Character is Carved by Choices
  2. Faith Flourishes by Favor
  3. Love Looks Beyond Lacks
  4. Truth is Tested on Temperance
  5. Silence Succors Sometimes
  6. Fear Fills up Folly
  7. Reverence Reflects Royalty
  8. Reliance Reassures Rest
  9. Intent Inspires Imagination
  10. Godliness Goes Before Glory
  11. Pride Precedes Perdition
  12. Discipleship Demands Denials
  13. Honor comes by Honoring
  14. Suretyship is a Sure Snare
  15. Frame no Thought on Fragmentary Talk
  16. Snobbery Secures Segregation
  17. The Devil's Patience Doesn't Postpone his Perdition
  18. Doubt Confuses, Faith Convicts
  19. Battles are won by Bravery and Belief
  20. Seduction can Steal the Stand
  21. The Sagacious Save in Summer
  22. Companionship Constructs or Corrupts
  23. Excellence comes through Endeavor
  24. Faith is Foundational; Doubt, Demolitional
  25. Prejudice Prevents Perception
  26. Bitterness Breeds Bitterness
  27. Thanksgiving is the Language of Trust
  28. To Love means To Listen
  29. Humility is the Health of one's Heart
  30. To Love a Neighbor Means To Be a Neighbor
  31. The Wicked are not Won by Words
  32. Self-Examination Heals Several Hurts
  33. Volume doesn't Validate
  34. Chattering can be Shattering
© Domenic Marbaniang, 2008