Hindi Theology Outline (Part 1) - 13 Audio Lectures

हिन्‍दी धर्मविज्ञान सर्वेक्षन आडियो शिक्षाएं

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01-Theology Meaning and Significance.mp35.0 MB 3.9 MB 
02-Divisions of Theology.mp34.4 MB 3.2 MB 
03-Different Theologies.mp313.2 MB 9.5 MB 
04-Bibliology-Revelation.mp38.1 MB 5.9 MB 
05-Bibliology-Purpose Reliability.mp37.3 MB 5.5 MB 
06-Bibliology-Inspiration Infallibilty.mp38.1 MB 6.7 MB 
07-Bibliology-Canon Symbols.mp38.2 MB 6.5 MB 
08-Theology Proper.mp312.8 MB 9.8 MB 
09-Trinity.mp39.0 MB 6.9 MB 
10-Christology Nature.mp35.5 MB 4.1 MB 
11-Christology Person Scriptural Proofs.mp312.8 MB 9.7 MB 
12-Pneumatology Person and Works.mp315.6 MB 11.1 MB 
13-Pneumatology Baptism Gifts and Fruit.mp320.1 MB 14.9 MB 
14-Creation.mp320.1 MB 14.8 MB 
15-Angelology.mp312.2 MB 8.7 MB 
16-Demonology Satan.mp38.8 MB 6.5 MB 
17-Demonology - Demons Casting Demons.mp316.0 MB 11.3 MB 
18-Anthropology.mp315.0 MB  
19-Atonement.mp310.6 MB  
20-Soteriology Justification Regeneration17.1 MB  
21-Soteriology Sanctification8.7 MB  
22-Ecclesiology.mp312.7 MB  
23-Eschatology.mp316.7 MB