The River of Life - Poem

I went to the River of Life,
Dirty as I was,
And, I asked "What is this
That sparkles like crystal
And flows so peacefully?"
They told me, "It's the River of Life,
Go bath in it and you shall also be
As it is,
Sparkling as crystal,
Full of peace!"

I went into the River of Life,
Dirty as I was;
I felt bad I might make it dirty,
For so beautiful it was,
So full of grace and sanctity.
I walked into the River of Life,
It took all my dirt and fully cleansed me;
And there it was,
Sparkling as crystal,
Full of peace!

The River of Life is endless,
It needs not run into any stagnant sea;
My sinful dirt has all been taken,
All forgotten, all forgiven:
Now, to be no longer what I ever used to be;
Now, to be forever, what I never used to be!

I treasure Your forgiveness more than anything in life,
For Lord, the price You paid to buy it for me was Your very life.
The most sparkling gem in the world is dirt before Your shining face
That smiles at me with loving favor indescribable,
With everlasting grace!