Karamchand Hans of Ferozepur City

This young man was a ferocious drunkard and a violent police officer in Punjab. But, his life didn't just get better. Karamchand Hans became one of the most influential evangelists and Christian leaders in Punjab. He spearheaded a powerful indigenous church movement that proclaimed faith as the foundation of ministry, forbade salaries, and saw great signs and wonders following their ministry as thousands thronged into the Kingdom of God; all because one woman prayed for her son to be saved.

Over four decades ago, Karamchand's mother came to Christ through a miraculous healing of her daughter. Her conversion was repulsive to Karamchand. He warned her not to allow the Western missionaries and began to become violently aggressive. But, his mother prayed. One day, this mother's piety became too unbearable for the young man. He punched her, pushed a cot over her, and began hitting her aggressively. All the time, the mother prayed and loved him. He left her saying he would never come back home and went straight away to the police station. After the days chores, Karamchand placed his legs on the table and fell fast asleep.

About midnight a powerful light shone in the station and Karamchand was awakened by a voice that called, "Karachand, O Karamchand!" The young officer was startled and, trembling, asked, "Who is it?"

"I am Jesus whom you persecute," the voice said. "Get up, I have called you to serve Me!"

"How can I serve You, Lord," Karamchand replied, "I drink 12-15 bottles of wine everyday!"

"From today wine will be to you like the water of the gutter." Then, the light withdrew.

The next morning, Karamchand's friends called on him and took him to the pub. Karamchand had forgotten all about the night's vision. Together with his friends, he sat at the table as they ordered wine. However, the moment he took it to his mouth, it smelled like dirt and he put it down repugnantly, then Christ Himself appeared before His eyes and began to show as on a screen the life of Karamchand. Christ showed him his many evil deeds and how each time Christ saved him. Karamchand's tears wouldn't stop. His friends called him asking what had happened. "Why are you crying," they asked, "when we your friends are here?" (They didn't see the vision). But, Karamchand pointed to the Christ and said, "You are not my best friends, my best Friend is there before me!"

Soon, the young Karamchand turned so zealous for Christ that hours of fasting and prayer multiplied exorbitantly. Sleep didn't matter to him; fellowship with His Lord mattered more. Healings and miracles followed. During conventions, people would invite him to sing songs, because he sang very well and also played the tambourine. The moment he touched the tambourine, evil spirits would shriek out, cry, fall down, and leave bodies. He continued with the police department; however, used every spare time to minister to Christ.

There is one incident in which, Karamchand testified, that he went to a friend's house and found his daughter, aged around 12, on the bed, so small that she looked like a small child. The child could not walk. Karamchand felt sorry for the child; but, it looked too impossible a case. He asked for a platter and used it as percussion as the group closed their eyes and sang praises to God. Suddenly, Karamchand felt something and opened his eyes. He saw a young girl dancing. He was shocked and closed his eyes, when God rebuked him: "Why do you have such unbelief! Look at what I have done, Karamchand!" The little girl had grown in an instant to the 12-year old.

There were stories of dead people raised to life, blind eyes opened, deaf ears opened, and cripple walk. Soon the call to ministry was too strong for Karamchand to continue with the police job. He gave it up for the work of the Kingdom. They began the Spiritual Christian Church Fellowship.

However, a few shortcomings began to take the disadvantage. Karamchand had come to disbelieve in theological training at Seminaries and discouraged it. He also taught against wearing ornaments. Also, a kind of pyramid like leadership model seemed to hurt a few who deserted the Fellowship. After Karamchand's death in the late 1990s, the Fellowship split and a number of ministers were scattered.

But, the undeniable fact exists, that God used this impossible case to do the seemingly impossible in the land of Punjab. Karamchand's legacy extends also to the central and the southern parts of India.