The Gospel According to Romans

I. The Promise of the Gospel

Given through the prophets in the Holy Scriptures
- It was a Spoken Promise – Communicated
- It was a Written Promise – Encoded, Recorded

Promise of the Gospel: “That God will save…”
Promises of the Gospel. “Salvation, life, adoption….”

Rom.15:8; Gal.3:16, 22

Why the Promise of the Gospel Was Made
1. Because man by his righteousness could not fulfill the righteousness of God.
The Law can’t save. It can only condemn.
Israel is the greatest example.
- Sinned despite of miracles
- Sinned despite of Tabernacle
- Sinned despite of Shekinah
- Sinned despite of prophets, priests… (Jer.5:31)
Education can’t transform
Religion can’t transform
2. Because God loved us and wants us to be saved. (1Jn.4:19)
- Cross: Greatest symbol of human rejection of God and God’s embrace of man
3. Because the Gospel is the only way for man to be saved.
That is why it is the GOSPEL

II. The Person of the Gospel

Not an ordinary man.
Mediator: Real. High Priest.

According to the Flesh: Son of David
According to the Spirit of Holiness: Son of God


Gospel of the Son of David
Gospel of the Son of God

a. Humanity and Divinity. Perfect Mediator. (Heb.2)
b. Royal Lineage. King
c. Embodiment of Promise. In Him all promise are “Yes” and “Amen”
Declared: “It is finished”. His Name is “Amen”
He finished the work of righteousness
He sanctified us by His sacrifice.
Holiness: Not in degrees. But, a position. We don’t become holy. We are made holy in Him. New man.

III. The Propagation of the Gospel

Grace and Apostleship
Grace given to all; but Apostleship only to a few

Work of the Ministry- Ministry of the Gospel
Rom.12:6: Everyone gets gifts of grace
1Pet.4:10-11: Stewards of grace

120 saints in the Upper Room. Not all were apostles but all received grace to bear witness (Acts 1:8)

Matt.25:15: Parable of Talents

1. Grace is a Free Gift.
Received freely – freely give (Matt.10:8)
Everything received, nothing to boast (1Cor.4:7)
1Cor.9:18 – Gospel without charge
1Tim.6:5 – Not for gain: Don’t be like the man with one talent who: “Why labor for someone else’ profit?” “What do I get?” This attitude is nothing but wickedness

The greatest reward: 1Cor.9:17-18; Phil.4:1

2. Grace is Privilege
1Cor.9:16-17. Woe if I don’t preach..
1Cor.15:10,11. By grace I am what I am…
Grace works… Grace in action.. Effective Grace
You can reach friends that I can’t; likewise, friends reach friends…

- 1Pet.1:10-12; Heb.1:1-2. Fathers, Prophets longed for
- Eph. 3:8-10; 1Pet.12. Angels desire to look into
Angels can’t preach the Gospel (e.g. Cornelius’ Story); but you can.

We know Christ. The Fullness of Grace.
New Birth- Spirit
New Law- Love
New Hope – Resurrection
New Ministry – Reconciliation
New Order – All Priests
New Position – Sons
New Relationship – Bride/Bridegroom

Not as OT, New Order

3. Grace is a Responsibility
1Pet.4:10,11. Stewards
Man of one talent – irresponsible, wicked

Esther 4:14. Grace positioned her. Grace demands from her.
Recognize your grace – Rom.12:6
Remember your grace
Witness – Work

Recognize Your Gift
1. Measure of faith. What do you have faith for? (Rom.12:3)
2. Laying on of hands – delegation, authority (2Tim.1:6)
3. Manifestation of Spirit – Gifts (1Cor.12)