7 Hebrew Words for PRAISE

1. Towdah
The Sacrifice of Praise as an Offering; Confession, Praise, Thanksgiving (Psa.100:4; 50:14, 23).

The Bible says that obedience is better than sacrifice of animals (1Sam.15:22). No praise and worship can be accepted before God unless the heart has first broken on the altar of God. That is the best praise. Towdah flows out of brokenness and self-surrender.

2. Yadah
To Throw, Lift up Hands in Praise, Be Thankful. (Psa.100:4; 134:2; 63:1).

Yadah is praise that flows out of gratitude to God for who He is and His great goodness and mercies.

3. Zamar
To Make Melody to God With Instruments (Psa.33:2; 71:22).

One may not have instruments to play upon and yet make melody in the heart unto the Lord (Eph.5:19). Zamar is praise in the sweetness of music.

4. Tehillah
To Sing Song or Hymn of Praise (Psa.22:3; 33:1; 40:3; Isa.61:3).

 is praise that is expressed in a song or a hymn unto God. It is not a performance or show before men, but is a song in the spirit unto God.

5. Halal
To Praise, To Boast of, To Flash (Shine). Hallelujah! (Psa.22:22).

 is to lift up and magnify the Lord; to speak highly of God and exalt His name through high praises.

6. Barak
To Bless, Bow Down, Be Quiet (Psa.145:21; 95:6; 34:1).

is praise that flows out of worship and deep reverence of the Lord. It speaks goodly of God and finds blessedness in blessing God.

7. Shabach
To Commend, Shout in Praise (Psa.63:3; 47:1; 145:4; Isa.12:6).

is praise through proclamation and loud exclamation. It is to laud the Lord.