Few Principles of Financial Prosperity

The Bible teaches us the true path of prosperity. The Bible is not poverty minded; in fact, it teaches us principles that will help us live successfully in this world. It teaches us the wisdom and skill necessary to use the world without relying on or being attached to it (1Cor.7:31). If anyone thinks that the Bible does not teach us the wisdom of success, then he may have to throw away a great chunk of the Bible. But, we must not forget some basic principles. Again this is not about some prosperity gospel, but about knowing the way of God's kingdom.

1. Put God First

God is able to supply all our needs according to His riches in glory (Phil 4:19), but we must remember that He only fulfills the desires of those who first delight in Him (Ps.37:4). If our heart has no interest in the things of God and in the work of God, then it proves that we are not delighting in Him. But, to those who love Him He works all things together for good (Rom. 8:28).

But this also means that we seek first God's kingdom and His righteousness (Matt.6:33). It means to honor God with the best of our possessions (Prov.3:9). It means to love the Lord with all our soul, our strength, our heart, and our mind.

2. Do Not Let Wealth Be Your Master

Jesus said that man cannot serve both God and mammon, or money (Matt.6:24).
--We must not allow the Love of Money (1Tim.6:9,10)
--We must not allow the Pride of Money (1Tim.6:17)
--We must not allow the Trust in Money (1Tim.6:17b)

3. Work Hard

God prescribed work for humans. He said, "Six days you shall work...." (Exod. 20:9). The Bible warns that the one who doesn't work must not also eat (2Thess.3:10). Check our study on the Lazy for what the Bible says about such. The Bible tells us to never give up or lag behind in diligence (Ro.12:11). He who works hard will eat the fruit of his labors (2Tim.2:6). A man who hardly works will hardly have anything left. But, remember to also separate your sabbaticals for sharpening the ax  (Eccl.10:10).

4. Owe No One Anything

In other words, do not become a debtor to people. Debts ruin economies. The Old Testament never allowed debts beyond one's last surety, his cloak. Yet, people often ended up in slavery because of debts. The Bible commands us not to be indebted to anyone in anything except in love (Rom.13:8).

5. Be Merciful and Generous to the Poor

The Bible says that he who gives to the poor lends to the Lord and God pays it back (Pro.19:17). The Bible calls us to mercy and generosity in the same way that God has shown mercy and generosity to us (Matt.18:32,33). God blesses the generous hearted (Pro.11:25; 22:9).

6. Be Careful Who You Associate With

Do not get into business with winebibbers and gluttons (Prov.23:21). Do not associate with darkness and be unequally yoked with unbelievers (2Cor.6:14). Do not receive gifts for God's work from unbelievers (3Jn.1:7). Do not eat the bread of a miser (Prov.23:6). This doesn't mean we become isolated (1Cor.5:10); however, we must be wise about who we work with and what we do.

7. Pay All Dues, Taxes

We must pay what belongs to the government to the government, and what belongs to God to God (Matt.22:21). We must pay all taxes and customs due (Ro.13:7).

8. Share Your Personal Needs With God Alone

Prayer must be a moment of intimacy and privacy with God. Don't waste time sharing needs with people. Invest your precious moments with the Father who specifically cares and selflessly loves you (Matt.6:5). He does answer the secret prayer of a heart that trusts solely in God. He cares to give (Matt.7:9-11).