He Sees Me, I See Light! - Poem

Why do the stones disappear when I try to place my foot on them and walk?
Why when I raise my sails, the winds suddenly, unhesitatingly stop?
Why do I find out I am late, when I am excited that time hasn't been lost?
Why is there such painful silence, when all I want to hear is a voice?

Why is the heaven above so stony cold when I want to feel its heart?
Why is the fire of hell so bold as a fiery, piercing dart?
Why can't the Savior be seen anywhere when the going seems so hard?
Why, O why, I ask while doubts assail my solitary thoughts.

But, dark as it seems the coldest hour of the night,
I know He is there though invisible to my sight;
The thoughts of His mind, I may not ever see,
But He sees me; that's enough, I see light!