How Do We Know the Bible is True? - Illustration

We usually judge things when we choose to buy or buy again. We look at reviews of products before we buy and have an opinion about products after we have used them. Suppose someone asked me the question, "How do you know that this dictionary is better than the other?" I would not reply that I don't consider any dictionary authoritative or true because it is compiled by humans; I would not question, "Why should any human tell me what is the meaning of a word?" I know the quality and the veracity of a dictionary by using it. If a dictionary is a standard and reliable one, i.e. it is authoritative, then it will help me to make sense of language every time I come across a word that I cannot make sense of. Similarly, a scripture that deals with spiritual reality can only be authoritative and genuine when it helps me make a meaningful and right sense of the universe and my experiences in the world. Suppose, it is filled with unintelligible words or with stuff that cannot be verified, then it is a closed and mystic book, not a useful reference book or manual of living. However, if it helps us to live sensible and better lives, it is authoritative. The Bible helps us to see the world better and to live in the world better; therefore, it is true and reliable. Now, the standard of measurement that the church fathers used was called the Canon: It asked questions like, "Is this book authentic in its content?" (which implied that its authenticity could be verified), "Is this book authored by an apostle or one close to the apostle?", "Is this book acceptable by the local churches?" (like asking whether the meaning of the word in the dictionary was the same that is intended when the word is used  in general), whether the book was recognized and quoted as Scripture by the early church fathers, and whether its subject matter was edifying spiritually. It was not a random and careless compilation. The book had to address reality. It had to be true, be verifiable as true, and function as true. And, the Bible does. It helps us understand the world better and live lives better than any other book in the world. It is a complete book.