Puzzle: The Two Doors and the Two Doorkeepers: How to Get to Heaven?

A man who was was good to his neighbors but wasn't a believer in God died and was standing before the Pearl Gate. Peter, who had the keys, according to this story, said to him: "Son, you have been good to your neighbors and so you are given an opportunity to find out your way into heaven. Remember you have only one chance.

1. There are two doors. One of them is a door to heaven and another is a door to hell.
2. In front of each door, there is a doorkeeper.
3. One of the doorkeepers always speaks the lie; the other always speaks the truth.
4. You have to ask only one question to either one of them, and decide which door you will enter through.

What question will he ask? Note: he doesn't know which door leads to hell or to heaven and he also doesn't know who is the liar and who is true.

If the answer is tooooo difficult, scroll down...........................

He will ask to any one of them "What will the other doorkeeper say if I ask him the way to heaven?" and then enter into the opposite door.
1. If he goes to the liar and asks the question, the liar will tell a lie and show the false door; which means that he has to enter its opposite, the true one.
2. If he goes to the true one and asks the question, he will tell the truth and show the same false door that the liar is going to show; which means that he has to enter its opposite, the true one.


  1. i don't understand the answer. i do but then i don't. both answers seem to be saying choose the opposite

  2. I think they need to add a little more info. I assumed the door to heaven was the truthful one and I figured to ask one of them how many fingers are u holding up. Its and obvious question so if they lie their is the door to hell.


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