Divine Healing for Our Bodies - Dr. Matthew K. Thomas

Dr. Matthew K. Thomas, January 2002

1. Sickness is the result of sin coming into the world. Death is the result of sin. But, ultimately, all sickness is the result of sin.
2. Some sicknesses and  afflictions are the result of some specific sins (Psa.31:10; 38:3; Jn.5:14).
3. Some sicknesses and afflictions result from misuse of the body; for instance from wrong diet or from an immoral life.
4. Some sicknesses are caused by sinful emotions such as Hatred and Anger.

Sickness as Corrective Measure
1. Sometimes God allows sickness to come in our bodies to correct us (Heb.12:5-12). Chastening is not punishment but correction.
2. Sickness may also be used as a corrective when we fail to discern the Lord's Body (1Cor.11:27-30).
3. God may send sickness to correct us when we murmur against the appointed leader of God (Num.12:4,8,10; 16:4).

1. God is willing to heal the sick. (Exo.15:26; Num.12:11-14; Prov.4:20-22; Dt.7:15; 30:20; Exo.23:25; James 5:15)
2. God has given power to His disciples to heal.
3. Healings were performed by the Apostles.

Healing for Today
He heals today:
1. Because He promised to heal.
2. Because He is the Healer Himself.
3. To reveal His will.
4. To manifest the works of God.
5. Because He is a God of compassion.
6. Because of faith.
-- Faith of the one in need.
-- Faith of others who brought the sick for healing.

Why Everyone Is Not Healed?
1. Some seek healing for wrong purposes, out of wrong motives.
2. Some seek to get healing from the minister and not from the Lord.
3. Some don't receive healing because of their disobedience.
4. Unconfessed sins prevent healing (Ps.66:18; Jas.5:16).
5. Unbelief prevents healing (Mk.16:17; Jas.5:15).
6. Failure to stand in faith until we've received healing is a hindrance (Dan.10, Daniel waited for 21 days).

2 Principle Reasons Why People Cannot Retain Healing
1. Willful Sin
2. Wavering Faith

7 Practical Suggestions to Retain Healing
1. Stay in faith atmosphere.
2. Keep praising the Lord for what He has already done in your life.
3. Keep testifying of what the Lord has done in your life.
4. Keep feeding on the Word of God.
5. Contend in faith.
6. Walk in obedience to God's will.
7. Start and continue the work of God.