How Do We Know If An Opportunity Is From God?

1. Usually, it should be clear; but, if there is doubt, then there are reasons to reconsider (Rom.14:23)
2. Sometimes the goal may be noble, but the opportunity not. Any opportunity that compels you to hurry ahead of God will land you in a crash (Jer.48:10).
3. It should not invite you to do things or employ means that the Bible clearly forbids. If it does so, it is not divine opportunity but temptation to sin (James 1:13).
4. It should not tempt God, i.e. it should not be something like "I will jump from the pinnacle, He will send His angels in time to save me, because His Word promises so" (Matt.4:6,7). It will lead to disaster.
5. It should not be forced by human whims, even so-called prophecy or divine leading, especially when you don't have peace about it in your heart. Remember how a young prophet fell prey to a lion because he disobeyed God by listening to the lie of a prophet (1Kgs.13:16-24). There is a reason why Paul mentioned that when He heard God's call, he didn't confer with flesh and blood (Gal.1:16).
6. It should not be governed by lust. James tells us that lust seduces and leads to sin. The leading of God is opposed to lust (James 1:14,15).
7. It should not attempt to deceive God's servants, thinking that they will not know. God has given them to watch over your souls (Heb.13:17). To try to hide from them facts out of shame or fear of disapproval may prove that the means are evil. It is against the Spirit of God. Remember Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:3,4, 9,10).

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