The Power of Scriptural Implication and Application

There are a few truths that are discovered before their experience. Some scientific theories fall under this genre. For instance, the theory of relativity came first, then much later on its predictions were verified through experience.

The pronouncements and predictions of Scriptures are much certain than what humans discover through mathematical analyses of experience.

One doesn't need to be experienced in certain areas in order to be able to receive truths of Scriptures by faith. One's experience or lack of experience cannot alter the immutable truths.

For instance, in the late 19th century, a group of students under the leadership of Charles Parham began to study God's Word and discovered that the gift of tongues always followed the baptism of the Spirit. They inferred that this is what they must expect to experience when they are filled. Soon, on Jan 1 of 1901 when Parham laid hands on a girl who was waiting on the Lord in prayer, she received the gift and spoke in Chinese. Interestingly, Parham himself had not received the gift yet. He didn't have the experience but had received what was implied by the Scripture.

Smith Wigglesworth used to say that he didn't walk by what he saw or experienced but by what He knew the Bible said.

I believe the Bible teaches us all wisdom we need for life, work, marriage, business, counseling, and ministry that most books based on pure experience alone cannot teach. If we have succeeded to rightly infer and know what implications God's Word has for our situation, we can apply it to our life and live according to the Word