Visionary Prayer (Nehemiah)

Is Passionate (Neh.1:4)
Is Proactive (Neh.2:4). He prayed first...(Priority of Prayer)
Is Practical (Neh.4:9)
Is Persistent (Neh. 6:9) - Strengthened, not weakened
- Matt.5:4 - Blessed are those who mourn

- Isaiah 59:14-16 - God wondered that there was no intercessor, no mourner...
- Ezekiel 9:1-6: God killed all who didn't mourn over evil

Nehemiah's Passion: Mourned, Fasted, Prayed...
- Confession of Sins; Confession of God's Promises
- Solution: Neh 1:11 (Passion must have a direction - When God gives you passion, He also shows the way)
(Posture - Not necessarily kneeling...)
- Not pretence (2:2; or else would not be afraid)
- Visionary prayer helps not only to identify what is wrong, but also helps to see the SOLUTION (Vision of what must be done)
- A Man of Visionary Prayer doesn't just pray.. He is willing to do something to change the situation. He doesn't just mourn the bad shape of things, He SEES the RIGHT FORM that they can be brought into.

- Visionary Prayer is Practically Wise. It is based on a faith that knows its own responsibility.
- Their setting a watch and arming themselves didn't show the weakness of their faith, but the wisdom of their faith. Not weakness but wisdom.
Foolish to not take precautions, when precautions are possible. God guards us, but they knew they had to keep locks and gates.
Hyper-spirituality is reckless and lazy spirituality. They want God to do everything and themselves do nothing.
- Visionary Prayer is not wavering.. It doesn't get fragmented in faith because of circumstances.
- Visionary Prayer is bold and persistent.
- Parable of the Widow and the Unjust Judge.

- Pray without ceasing. Be strong in prayer.