Blogger MS Docx Footnotes Link Issues Solution

If you have tried to copy-paste a Microsoft document into your blogger post, you may have noticed that the footnotes of the document link to the local file on the computer drive: e.g. to file:///D:/Test.docx#_ftnref1. As a result, when someone clicks on the link, it returns an error.

1. After copy-pasting the text in Compose mode on blogger, turn to HTML mode.
2. Select all text, cut, paste it to Notepad.
3. Find the link text (e.g. file:///D:/Test.docx#_ftnref1) and copy till .docx (leave #ftnref.. as it is).
4. Hit CTRL+H to show Replace box and paste the link into the Find what box; leave the Replace with box blank.
5. Hit Replace All
6. Now, select all text again, copy it, and paste into the blogger box in the HTML mode.
7. Publish

NOTE: Never revert to Compose mode or else the links will reappear as (But, in case you have done and the links appear so, repeat the process of select-copy-paste to notepad and deleting all over again before pasting it back to blogger).
2. In the HTML mode, the link on the Text must look like this: a href="#_ftn1" name="_ftnref1" title="". The link on the Footnote must look like this: a href="#_ftnref1" name="_ftn1" title=""

This is a test text.[1]

[1] This is a test footnote