The Leader and Lies

Pinocchio's nose grew with every lie he spoke
If a ruler pays attention to lies, all his servants become wicked. (Pro 29:12 NKJ)

Nothing is more damaging than building a leadership system upon the foundation of lies.

Gossip Lies
A leader who believes lies and rumors and changes the way he relates to or treats people only encourages wickedness; for, the liars get closer to him while the righteous move away. Therefore, the Bible strongly commands a leader not to receive any accusation against anyone except there were two or three witnesses (1Tim.5:19). One must remember that the case of the first always appears strong. A good leader will listen to both the sides and observes transparency and spirit of good-will (Prov.18:17).

Lies of Vileness
Similarly, when a leader begins to extol vice as virtue and discourages virtue as if it was vice, he unleashes wickedness and chaos (Isa.5:20; Psa.12:8; Rom.1:25,26)

Lies of Pride
Lies of pride are what feed the megalomaniac desires of a leader who is hungry for power and doesn't like to bow down to serve people. What one sows is what one reaps. He becomes like Rehoboam, the son of Solomon, who listened to younger men and refused to light the burden of his people. It immediately led to the division of the Kingdom (1Kgs.12:3-17).

But, when the foundation of leadership is truth and righteousness, then is mercy, truth, and peace found among people (Psa.89:14).

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