What Matters More In God's Eyes

God doesn't care how busy we are in ministry or how intelligent we are about theology; He simply looks at how much we love Him now.

The Ephesian Church had many works, labors, wisdom to discern the false apostles, and much patience; but, it had left its first love (Rev.2:2-4).

The Levite and the Priest had the identity and popular acceptance among people as people of God; however, they missed the Second Royal Law, "Love your neighbor as yourself". They might have been too busy or worried about the Temple; but, God didn't care first for that (Luke 10:31-33).

The Pharisees were too keen about obeying the letter of the Law, but they missed the heart of God (Matt.23:23)

Martha was busy with a lot of works, but Jesus said that Mary had chosen the better part (Luke 10:40,41,42)

But, the widow who dropped her two mites in the offering box wasn't known for how busy she was in ministry or how many books she wrote on theology; she was just praised for giving her all to God (Luke 21:2)

The woman with the alabaster box similarly, was praised for what she did to Jesus (Mark 14:3,9)